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The history of color and what it does can be very interesting. It began as a phenomenon of light. Throughout the ages we have studied how color is received by parts of the eye and what happens when those messages are sent to the brain. Color affects all of us; how we react to situations, relax, stimulated, eat and socialize.

RED is one of the first colors a baby can discern. Male babies prefer yellow based reds like tomato. Female babies prefer blue based reds such as raspberry. The color red will cause a person to eat more and stay longer.This makes red an ideal color for restaurants and bars.

ORANGE is associated with being very accessible. Often used in restaurants and hotels to convey accessibility to passer bys. Orange gets our attention and tells us good things can be had for a reasonable fare. You would not use orange to bring about a feeling of elegance. Orange says casual and informal.

YELLOW is transmitted to the brain faster than any other color and remembered longer. Nature uses yellow for caution; hornets, fire, bees. We take the lead from nature and use yellow to caution; warning signs, construction signs and fire trucks. Yellow can be a high anxiety color to babies if too bright, causing crying. In the same studies bright yellow was shown to affect adults with some anxiety. It is a great color to draw attention as in the marketing of products.
Realtors suggest yellow flowers outside and in the foyer. After a long day of home shopping, potential buyers remember the beautiful home with the yellow flowers.

BLUE has been found to be the number one color of most people. Blue translates to us as being respectable, responsible, trustworthy, caring and having much knowledge. Across the country, varying shades of blue, are the number one colors on a home. However, blue is not a color that sells a home well. Blue encourages fantasy and at the same time can be very tranquilizing. The color is ideal for doctors offices and rooms of over-active children. Blue does not go well with eating. Yet it is very popular in dishware and desirable for its cobalt.

GREEN is a living color. Great around food; even known to diminish sweetness. It represents money and wealth to most; making people feel secure and well tended. Some health troubles such as eczema, diarrhea and stomach upset tend to lessen in a green room.

BROWN is a friendly color. Known as a friendly color when used indoors. To some it represents believability.

GRAY represents creativity. It is a wonderful background color and has the ability to inspire people. People have been known to work longer periods when surrounded with gray. It is the only color without and after image.

BLACK and WHITE are not colors. They are known to us as the “power twins” because of the bold statements each makes. Black stands for dignity, sophistication, refinement and authority. White on the other hand represents delicacy, purity and cleanliness. White used in the work place encourages precision.